A short movie of initiation and trial. French moviemaker Mathieu Turi has just sent the PDHQ a link to Sons of Chaos, his post-apocalyptic SF movie, shot in RED, done with a nice amount of camerawork and effects. As for the background story: society went up in flames together with a proper ecology, the air is poisonous, survivors are measured in thousands and weird humanoid predators named howlers roam the lands and one of the survivors set to protect the others needs to undergo a trial to prove his worth.

Even though I could justify the clumsiness of the fight scenes (why not finish off the howler with one headshot in the corridor scene? why not make sure it’s dead? stab it a couple of times or tear off his gas mask just to be sure) with the fact that the protagonist is actually new to fighting, the ending even with its fair share of symbolism just appears to be too cryptic for me. Hopefully it won’t be for you and all in all, a decent piece of short film, mood’s decent, props are okay and even though there’s quite a bit of cliché in it, it shows a lot of potential. Support Turi when he appears on Kickstarter to fund his new projects! Why not remake Romantically Apocalyptic?