When relaunching this blog, I said I regret keeping silent about people and acts of ROCK but whatever escapades of AWESOME, chaos, amazingness, bravado, weirdness or fuckery you end up doing, you always have to do it with the strongest spine and the biggest discretion to be able to walk away with your head high. So there’s another black box story. What remains in the action logs? Tuesday night, covered in the stage sweat of Valerie, Amelia, Zoog and Matt. Called up on stage. Ending up with a new name Zoog Von Rock granted me, a few autographed memories of sonic RIOT, a whole lot of ideas we exchanged over early morning espresso Hennessy shots, my book concept and the product design itself fleshed out much much more, Zoog completely dumbfounded over the magnificence of Anker Klub’s hummus, Sinred Estee and me cutting bike polo plastic sheets at 4am in front of my old university turned into a party place, an action-filled night with Sinred, Estee, Fiction, Lady Aisa, Zeck, Surreal Catharsis, Jinx, Moggio and Typhus – you all fucking ROCK and you have all contributed to this night NOT turning into a disaster. THANK YOU. One achievement unlocked. (PS: Below, that’s Esteee’s mixtape of the videos she made that night. Yes, we know there’s no bass. Look grateful. I still have problems hearing three days later.)