Welcome to another mondayly edition of Razor Coated Candies, a heartbreakingly versatile compilation of music you can make friends and enemies with. This week brings you a touch of Sweden synthpop with Emmon and her previous band Paris, some teenvampery and a bloodcurdling wink at industrial. Spit blood, masturbate with naga jolokia and think about gorgeous music. By the way, this means have a happy week. We will be back with more news, statistics, weirdosity and personal posts that make sense after the break.


01. Paris – 60 Minutes
02. Paris – Streetlights
03. Uh Huh Her – Not a Love Song
04. Superbus – Addictions
05. VersaEmerge – Figure it Out
06. The Birthday Massacre – Holiday
07. Linkin Park vs. Utah Saints – One Step Closer to Something Good
08. Crystal Castles – Crimewave
09. Black Nail Cabaret – Tell Me It’s Not Over
10. Emmon – Secrets & Lies
11. Client & Parralox & Cicada – 2 Hearts on the Radio (The Oxy Mashup)
12. U2 – New Years Day (live)
13. Faith & The Muse – Running Up That Hill
14. Hecq – Come Home
15. Skinny Puppy – Worlock
16. New Project – Coma