Hello. Life changed. Will post more about it. Have less time, more stress, more weirdness. More posts about that later. As for the delay, sorry about it. The new Razor Coated Candies is here: with less clips (less, more coherence) and an intro I did with Flixtime – I know we’ll need something more to make it kick ass. But there. Enjoy the music. Give feedback. Go out and enjoy life.

01. Angelspit – Toxic Girl (censored version)
02. Male or Female – Louder than Silence
03. Stendeck – Run Amok (Against Time Rebels)
04. The Beauty of Gemina – Rumour
05. Robots in Disguise – The Tears
06. Emmon – Distance
07. Depeche Mode – Ghost
08. Blubalu – Monetary Slave
09. Snog – Corporate Slave
10. Blasted Mechanism – Start to Move
11. Psy’Aviah – Moments (feat. Suzi Q. Smith)
12. Empirion – Narcotic Influence
13. Charli XCX – Stay Away (Salem remix)
14. Tying Tiffany – Miracle
15. Gus Gus – Believe (live)
16. Orbital & Matt Smith – Dr. Who theme Song (live at Glastonbury 2010)