Looks like a slick deadcityesque teaser for the Angelspit track Toxic Girl. It’s not just green and rolling in hi-def, it’s also done by a buddy of mine, Tamas Mesmer with whom we’ve done the cyberpunk short movie 14sec. Tom’s a freak and a great lover of oldschool cyberpunk, so I’m sure he’s got something positively weird coming out from under his claws, especially that it’s approved by the riot squad of ROCK. So there’s a trailer, the full version (there’s a censored and an uncensored version, as Tamas informed me) is probably coming out in a week or two. Until that, order the remix album Carbon Beauty (Toxic Girl is track 11 on that CD), check out the stuff done by Mr. Mesmer on Vimeo and see whatever else Angelspit has got to offer you.