Information-powered device manages to cheat the laws of thermodynamics: practically something we all wished for since Warren Ellis mentioned it in Planetary, an engine that’s driven by information, not by fusion or fuel of any kind. Read the IO9 article for a light theoretical introduction into thermodynamics. At the end I might have a use for all the university notes I haven’t burnt, sacrificed or outright eaten. Dump them into the infodrive and drive down memory lane. Oh wait, we can already do that. (via io9)

The Self-Repair Manifesto: “Repair is better than recycling. Repair saves the planet. Repair saves you money. Repair teaches engineering. If you can’t fix it, you don’t own it.” – a one-page manifesto (PDF here) by master disassembler iFixIt. (via boingboing)

Meet the littlest Robocop. (via dvice)

Ferrofluids: I’m thinking Japanese art, cancer treatments, shapeshifter technologies and wonderful, albeit probably disturbing new ways of having sex. (via dvice)

A mysterious video by Neill Blomkamp that has been discovered in the latest iPad issue of Wired magazine.

Atari Teenage Riot is back: They obviously are and we’re damn lucky to say we’ve been there (and taped the show for those who had their livers torn out and noses bashed in in the front rows) but Dazed and Confused’s interview gives you extra details of ROCK. Like stuff about the new album. (via alec empire/twitter)

The most beautiful Kinect hack. (via kotaku)