More than 500 of you all follow planet://damage on Networkedblogs, a strange and oblique collective brainchild, fathered by a number of RSS readers, spawned by Facebook. It is fairly obvious that seeing that number climb in the blog’s right sidebar gives me a tinge of joy. Bone coins of gratitude and a grin goes out to whoever pushed Follow, it’s great to see you around. If you come here often or even every once in a while and you haven’t signed in to Networkedblogs, why don’t you rock my day a bit more and push Follow this blog on the sidebar. (And then more hearts will pump with Pneumatic ROCK Adrenaline. All those hearts belonging to me, of course. Got a few backups, just in case.)

These four ninjas above are long-time readers who send me great stuff to post here on a regular weekly basis and I’m thankful to them, so I thought it’s high time to thank them here: @dawe_, @honeymooncroon, @razZ0r and the Twitter-obscure Riplakoidase. Godspeed to you all. (And I know some more of you have the virtue of observing and collecting – share your finds with me!)