We have been here before you, we haven’t seen it coming, so you shouldn’t see it either. We’re already past this. You’re not. Brace yourself. Just like freefall, only without wind, air and a parachute of arabesque joviality. Patterns are similar. No third-person view, no watch-my-back camera. We will watch you bleed away in approval and discontent. You will rise again anyway. Most probably, only without a sense of urgency and various traits, all connected to a storage unit still unlit, unbranded and debatably, unsigilized. Your search criteria haven’t returned any significant, intelligible or relevant hits. With no search initiated, wonder why it hasn’t. Wherever you think the bottom is, it’s generally much, much lower. You’ll know when you hit rock bottom. That very, very fundamental and hard moment of super-certainty.