Liara T’Soni is tracking down the mysterious Shadow Broker, and no one is safe. She’ll do anything to recover the man the Broker kidnapped… and the Shadow Broker’s agents will do anything to stop her. Team up with Liara and chase clues from the luxurious heights of Illium to the Shadow Broker’s own secret lair. Adds the Shadow Broker intel center, new research, and five new achievements – and the chance to continue a relationship with Liara.

After some eight months of feeling all hyped up about the next most amazing space epic, it’s time to actually buy a DLC, spank The Shadow Broker and bounce everyone out the airlock just once. It is 800 MS points, it is on and time for me to get offline and actually disappear for a few days to complete those missions as well. Among other things. Yes. Lair of the Shadow Broker will keep us fresh and sober.