Hello. I am The Damage and this is already September, autumn time, Earth. I am six coffees into the day and the creative process has decided to whore itself out on the streets, stoning ideas to death in the cold and bringing them to me, de-furring them, then placing them raw on my plate for idea sushi time. I am obviously threatened by forces of authority to keep deadines sacred and idea sushi time doesn’t look like it’s gonna come soon. The creative process is giving blowjobs somewhere in Latvia, according to the Google Latitude I use in these dreary times. Until it comes back, I am playing albums I didn’t realize I will ever need, but such is life. It is a time of weird interference when I mix one of the greatest modern Irish stand-up comedians, Dylan Moran and one of the most perfect martial industrial/dark ambient album I’ve ever heard, Absinthe: La Folie Verte by Blood Axis & Les Joyaux de la Princesse. The original video is below but I dare you to click this link to get to the weird YouTube Doubler. It has irony, sadness and lots of eggs.