So where do you get your healthy dose of fiction, really. The really inspirational, mindful stuff. Stuff that the nineties threw at us in large, hypnotic, swirling chunks, Liquid Television, Disinfo Nation, Hyperreal, Mondo 2000, Chris Carter’s take on the alien conspiracy theories, anything that questioned your life around you and made you rethink your original ideas, shifted the focus of your associations into something completely different. William Gibson and Neal Stephenson were obviously inspirations back in the days, but even the lightning bolt brilliance of cyberpunk wore out after a time. And then came comics and it’s interesting to note that all artists that ended up as household names are UK residents: Alan Moore, Warren Ellis or the newly re-found object of interest, Grant Morrison. And when they’ve successfully re-forged your interests, your way of seeing things and your wallet after finally directing all the Amazon shipments your way, it just turns out that all those artists have a huge interest in something we call magic. Or the way of manipulating reality. Which is a very interesting and multi-faceted subject. But we won’t get into magic this time, we get into the joyful news of two documentaries being in the works – about Warren Ellis and Grant Morrison. Without further comments, check the trailers and shiver with glee. For more info, check out