under her banner of wounds, vodka and juicy love pulp, we present you a fine selection of french musicians we love and respect. incomplete as anything thriving to give perspective on an ever-changing landscape, this structured pupil porn infographism frames it into a crystallized bug of its own digital tulpa life frequency. be obedient information sluts, google them up and support the ones you really like. keep the warm web of ecological longtail interdepency alive. (via thedosemag.com)

…and then compiling all the Parisian and French bands that we love and came to love during the past months seemed like a good idea. The highly asymmetric feral claws katanamaid above with all the categorization is the handiwork of Livia @livililli Varga and she has done some highly contagious ROCK to begin with. Until the next issue of The Dose is out this year (and we are already pinging several cities throughout the globe to see where we should spawn next), check out her stuff on Flickr and order our PDF mag on French pop culture, because it’s damn cheap for 4 euros and even Warren Ellis himself recommended that and in the eyes of a geek that is some sacred feedback.