Warren Ellis, a fantastic grumpy old man of comics extraordinaire and the philantropist of glorious weirdness is speeding down in a tunnel of ROCK and it’s high time he did that. His hooks in Hollywood are deep: the first trailer for the movie RED (Retired Extremely Dangerous) is out and it’s based on his three-part mini-series of the same title about Frank Moses ex-CIA operative who doesn’t get the only thing he really wants from his life: to be left alone. So he goes back guns blazing back to ensure he really gets left alone. It’s still the early morning hours here, being 17:30 and all that, but I can still sense the panic in what IO9 wrote about the trailer being something completely different. (Which is obvious.) Until we’re wetdream-waiting for the screen series adaptation of Transmetropolitan and Planetary, expect a few outbursts of happiness: Global Frequency is being given a second chance to flourish and Gravel is in pre-production.