Electronic musician and artist Donald Baynes, aka FSK1138, spent 10-12 hours a day exploring 3D virtual worlds in 1996 and 97. But now he spends less than 3 hours a week online. He spent an hour of his weekly Internet time chatting with me from a park to tell me why he decided to unplug. (via technoccult)

Fellow arcane mindwarpers @technoccult released this some time ago, an interesting tidbit about how addicted we all are. Addiction is quite a strange concept that kept stabbing me in the face during the past weeks and we’ve worked our way into the chapter of our book we want to release this year or next year, whenever we wrap it up and have a book company or releaser or an evil gnome of fulfilling wishes ready. But still. Cyborgs on our own, reaching functional status with a tool, any tool, how can we ever get unaddicted the symbiotic nature of humanness? Must drink another coffee now to drench the morose aftertaste.