This is Dylan Moran, Irish stand-up comedian with a vengeful boyish glee and hate. Back in 1997 when he still looked Bono, only with more sheepish hair and the kindness of a genetically tailored king viper. He is also one of the rare stand-up comedians and funny people we approve of. The second, in fact. (The first one was Dane Cook, Harmful if Swallowed-era. His humor got more American on his way to grandiosity.) Moran appears in a few movie roles (Shaun of the Dead, for one, or A Film With Me In It, here’s the trailer), but you really have to go for his live DVDs (Monster, Like, Totally Live and What It Is) to get the real flavour. And for pure and sheer genius, two series: Black Books and How Do You Want Me. If you’ve ever tasted joyous, cackling-inducing hatred, misery and destruction, he has it all with gorgeous sarcasm and irony. We approve of this man. Go buy his stuff. Especially that he looks like Trent Reznor with a Mozart haircut.