AVP:Redemption fan film made by me Alex A. Popov for the purpose of entertaining the fans of both , Alien and Predator franchises, and also to share my vision of what Alien VS Predator film should be. The total budget for this film was about $500 and over 2 years of my free time :) It took so long cause it was a ONE MAN project. I did all filming, directing, Editing, VFX compositing, sound design, You name it. So hopefully you enjoyed it. (via vimeo)

Link comes from Kotaku and trust me, anyone with even a little bit of interest for the AvP franchise will agree with the majority of the commenters. It is cheesy, amateur and it has more effort, interest and striving for something memorable and whole than the whole franchise previously. It’s funny, you see. With the AvP movies you will remember and appreciate certain scenes only, though you’ll say the whole movie sucked in general. With Popov’s work it’s just the other way round. And from 500 bucks? Seriously. We bow down to this guy.