I wanted you to see C├ędric Delsaux’s Dubai Star Wars mockups first. IO9 has a longer post for you with all the construction images Delsaux so eloquently filled with Vaders, AT-ATs and Jawas. Among other geeky boytoys.

This satire of the classic Hollywood movie trailer was created by Dubai-based post-production house Rolling Thunder. The tongue-in-cheek clip depicts a futuristic Dubai, complete with skyscrapers, space shuttles and underwater space stations. The creative concept, script and all VFX shots were done in-house, supervised by Hermann Venter and Henrik Friberg. (read io9’s comments for the starship homages)

In the future Artificial intelligence [AI] is superceded by Natural intelligence [NI]. The story centers on XE7, a cyborg on a spiritual journey who discovers the unknown. He begins to realize that things in recorded history contradict with facts he has observed in real life and begins to open up his mind to the supernatural. He finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time, at a major crime scene, leading him to a Cyber-terrorism scandal and trouble with FACET – The First Authority in Cyber Espionage and Terrorism. Packaged as a slick, futuristic thriller, the compelling storyline keeps you guessing till the end. (xero-error.com, extra info in the article via thenational.ae)

UPDATE 1: Just seeing there was a SF short released in Dubai entitled Alliance, any more infos about that, anyone? (The film, set in the 24th century, begins with a planet under attack from a shadowy extra terrestrial race who launch brutal and inexplicable raids on Earth at the same time that a decades-old anarchist movement plunges the planet into cycles of terrorist attacks and destruction.)