I’ve sort of grown to like this DHC Meinhof, a Polish digital hardcore band on D-Trash Records, but the nicest I could tell you about them is that they’re a shameless rip-off of Atari Teenage Riot. Which is not exactly a bad thing after all – after the tragic departure of Carl Crack you either went for the slightly (or significantly) different stuff of Alec, Hanin and Nic or you’ve tried to find something more harsh and less professional in the digital hardcore scene. So the Meinhof ends up in a gapfilling position, however bad this sounds. For them. (You don’t think so? Oh. Check Will You Ever Learn.)

And if you missed out some comets just like I did, time for you to know – The Shizit has a new album out called The Shizitdownloadable free of charge from archive.org! (Thanks to Gargaj for the then-lifesaving link!)