You must surely remember Veqtor from the London edition of The Dose and his weird, distorted ways of cochlear communication, halfway between jazz thinking, glitch and 8-bit tunes. Now he’s got his new album, Parsuitel Orbitelum out for free download out on his label, OXO Unlimited and if you want to say goodbye to 2009 with insane chiptunes (Preprocessor is my fave but the beginning AG Racing is not halfbad for an 8-bit GTA cover song, either!), download the whole pack! I’d say Definite is the best-rolling song of all and anything’s that’s gone acidways needs some work on it, let those tracks be more strict, the basslines more tense, the wickedness is there already. Oh and those missing The Dose – we’re there to promise you lovely little things in 2010. If we get there. (Below, a collaboration of Veqtor and Mathtiiaas Rosén, using a crappy cellphone, upsampled using geniune fractals, then run through max/msp+jitter patch. Stock footage from has been run through an atari2600 emulator being data-bent and repositioning the footage. Still rocking stuff, though!)