Quote, Openland is a reflective docufiction loosely guided by issues surrounding micro states and its derivative definitions, unquote. Directed by Patrick Defasten Doan, music by Andrew Coleman. Through intertwining interviews, meta-narratives, and digital landscapes, Openland unfurls a dialogue between consciousness, individuality, and collectivity. If the two trailers here in this post left you craving for more, do check out some extra footage in Defasten’s vimeo stream or bite into his Flickr stream.

DEFASTEN believes in remodernist ideals and the nihilist difference of our alleged unified society. In the future, the alphabet does not exist.

Focusing on digital animation, DEFASTEN delineates parallels within information, space, and the urban landscape at the intersection of digital media practices. This direction reflects an interest in the fragmentation of media, contemporary society, and the post-modern condition.

it’s not the air i’m breathing, it’s my life escaping