Visualize a world without peace or justice. Visualize the business plot (1938) overthrowing FDR and installing a capito-fascist cabinet. Visualize the corporate wars (2050-2080) wiping the USA off the map with its own military-industrial complex. Visualize Entropica, a plot to murder God by three monotheist religions. Visualize two brothers, born from a medical cybernetic experiment on the effects of torture and human suffering. Visualize Man-Machine, destined to unleash a blind fury on the world. Visualize his brother, I-7the fourth prophet, spreadin a gospel of war among the machine-intelligence. THE MAN-MACHINE EPIC tells the story of their conflict… (via fightevilwithevil)

Not forgetting you either, rrooyyccee. Read his online cyberpunk comics at and enhance it with the related blog as well. It is actually quite good, lost in a triangle somewhere between Nawlz, moody French comics and Blame!.