Daybreakers, a new vampire movie comes out next week. Bloodsuckers are the new tad and they’re a bit overplayed by now after True Blood, New Moon and all their kin but then again I might just be jealous of the imminent success I didn’t have a direct role in. But anyways. Daybreakers capitalizes on an old idea of David S. Goyer that didn’t make it into Blade III: vampires walk the face of the Earth and humanity’s the sorry-ass minority until the inevitable logistics hell breaks loose: blood farms can’t really cope up with the population needs and they need to find a cure, fast. Not quite sure about how this ties into the otherwise evident problem of the energy/oil/resource crisis, but anyways. It has Willem Defoe with crossbows. You don’t really need anything for the first week of the new, luckier 2010.