Gapfiller numero obscuro for you on the eve of the new decade (well, almost). This very piece of news has been circulating inside the tabletop scene and the space marine afficionado sects alike: Warhammer 40K is finally getting the movie treatment. The movie entitled ULTRAMARINES (read about the Ultramarines space marine chapter here) is done by Codex Pictures (the ones who did Bionicle) under the guidance of Games Workshop: so far faithfulness to the original source material is one of the most emphasized points of all official statements. According to the newsblips, Ultramarines: The Movie is helmed by a relatively noname director, Martyn Pick – on the other hand, the script is worked on by one of the greatest names in the literary WH40K universe, Dan Abnett.

This direct-to-DVD movie is quite obscure at the moment, the most important things are eventually published on the official movie site, such as the concept art below for the Codex Chapel Entrance. I am not completely won over and after watching the Bionicle trailers, I’d sacrifice half my friends’ kidneys in Tibetan incense rituals (or anything to that effect) to get Square Enix/Square into the production chair.


To soothe the hours (days, years) of waiting, here’s something relevant to keep you on your toes, a THQ-developed action-RPG entitled Space Marine – with a trailer.