Jarrett Lee Conaway‘s TURBO is a slick, hybrid monster that pays honest tribute to the fighting games of almost two decades, paired with the same reverence towards Japanese arcades with their blinding mosaic of DDR dancemats, teenager decadence and a palette of white, blue and even more blue. On a budget of 100 thou bucks and the dedication that spills forth from the same grass roots approach that we used for our projects in the scene (whatever that means, whichever scene we’re talking), this is a textbook example of how to make a short movie. Storywise, it is obviously constructed out of clich├ęs (ones that pave the way for the fighting scenes quite well), technically and visually this is a TREAT, look no further. I’m exceptionally glad to see better and better amateur and semi-professional SF and cyberpunk shorts coming up on YouTube, so ladies and gentlemen, pay some kudos for this genetlemen and his crew. Almost missed Linda Lee from this one. Read Kotaku’s feature on how this film unfurled into action from an idea. (turbothemovie.com)