Paul wants to RIVERSIDE MUTHA FUCKA deet deet deet deet deet deet pooom pooom.” We really wouldn’t like to bother you now, Paul, would we. Still, let’s give this a try. Last weekend’s Budapest Micro fest gave us splendors like Nullsleep, blasted and multiplied by gorgeous and psychotic visuals such as this piece of holy jewel below, Kings of Power 4 Billion % done by Paul Roberson (not the Canadian businessman. Make this poor man a Wikipedia entry, let him procrastinate.) Below, a joyful orgy of anything and everything you could have pillaged from the last twenty years of the past millennium: from epic massacres to sword-wielding chibis and kids whose movement always ends up as ten changes of adjacent pixels, but hell, their number is just pure legion. (Yes, I know we talk 8-bit art. Move on.)

The Kings of Power 4 Billion % music was composed by Cornel Wilczek (seriously, let’s just backtrack here for a while – you don’t compose nowadays, that stuff you hear there? that’s a contraption. that’s being done with a tracker. or a gameboy. operated by nipple twists and a theremin.), if you want some massive oldschool (or lesbian schoolgirl, I’d love to post it and Google would so monkeyslap me out of the AdSense cartwheel) artwork, check up on The Mecha Fetus Visublog and don’t forget to check out one of his older movies, Pirate Baby’s Cabana Street Fight, check out part one, YouTube the rest.