nudemarginIf barely legal girls wired into some VR mainframe security hardlines had their own fashion niche, P.A.S.S. with her Christmas morning smile would be their idol. However, she ends up as a chibi tamagotchi for cyberpunk otakus with rooms not much bigger than claustrophy-rich dorm toilets lined up with shelves of manga, tinted with colors of scattered Skittles and bukkake beige.

N.U.D.E.@’s been the sleeping hit for 2003 and apart from Gamespot, a few minor sites (such as The Armchair Empire) and a FAQ compiled by a few dedicated players, nobody remembers it anymore, the game sinking with the original XBOX platform, us in despair. But still, if you had your own Japanese-speaking gal who would gladly operate your laptop and sing sad birthday songs to you, would you care?

Go watch Condition:Human instead.