Hours spent on YouTube, following links after links into depths you wouldn’t have imagined you could go to during your working hours. Our gorgeous intelligence finds us neat but meaningless cyberpunkish, post-apocalyptic, grey-tinted hard eyecandies for us to devour, the first being VOIDEN. It was meant to be a Poser series, but no sequels have been posted since December 28, 2007. Think kindly of the dead and deceased.

An oppressed people struggle to rid themselves of the reign of terror imposed on them by Voiden with the help of a small group of mercenaries lead by Novan, the last of the Hybridtrons, a military cyborg race now permanently banned from Voiden. This is a Saga rooted in the tradition of Star Wars, Lord of the Rings or even Star Trek or Blade Runner, more episodes are coming, so sit and enjoy!