caroleThe lady to the left, she’s familiar? Thought so. Reactor online, sensors online, weapons online, all systems nominal. Yes. That’s how you and me and half the mech loving community started each mission in MechWarrior 2. Fourteen years passed and Carole Ruggier (apparently she’s the voice talent behind the mech pilot voiceovers) could still make a small fortune from mech ringtones. Hopes up? Not quite.
Piranha Games announced a new mech game in the series (simply naming it MechWarrior, announced for PC and Xbox 360) and you know what the video and article comments miss the most? That’s right, it’s “the girl with the voiceovers”. Arduous mech fights, battle units constructed with painful care, wonders of cockpit claustrophobia (with the occasional wireframe rendering). The footage below, that’s in-game. The voiceovers? You will change it, will you not. (via ign)

One of the key features is a sense of information warfare, using everything from unmanned drones surveying the battlefield from above to light scout mechs relaying information to teammates. (…) The designers want to reward you for picking a mech and sticking with it — you will gain experience and become better at piloting your chosen mech, and that will translate into better accuracy and damage with weapon systems. (…) While the developers didn’t go into how many mechs will make the game, based on the video trailer and the discussions, we know of at least four. There’s the Jenner (light class), both the Warhammer and the Rifleman(heavy class), and an Atlas Prime, a feared assault-class mech.

UPDATE 1: Not completely sure about the exact person of the voiceover girl being Ms. Ruggier. Anyone with better intel?