Aquatica. It immerses you into a beautiful, minimalist and serene underwater world, where you play as one of three different creatures, interact with and eat other creates around you, and evolve and grow your creature in the process. As you complete more and more levels, your creature becomes more and more complex and beautiful. It grows and evolves randomly, so that every time you play the game your creature will look different.

Please note: Aquatica is an iPhone from-the-ground-up re-make of the famous flOw game created by Jenova Chen of the ThatGameCompany fame.

Please also note that we deeply apologize for this. We simply (naively) did not think it necessary, since we did indeed write absolute *ALL* the code ourselves. We can easily prove it by releasing any part of the code anyone requests.

We have corrected this by posting proper credits everyone (they will show up in iTunes in several hours, as all changes do).

We have also contacted Jenova Chen to apologize.

Please note: Large portions of our source code are now available at near the bottom of the page, so anyone who believes that we’ve copied the code can look at it for themselves to see that it’s original.