I have weirdness in my brain and when it doesn’t spit out raw comic (or porn) scripts, hundred thousand dollar project ideas or drum’n’bass tracks, it vomits game ideas and they smell like grass after rainfall. I had one idea like this for like, five years? Without telling all the details, it was 3D, it looked like it came out of a beautiful trip and it looked like rainbow and fractals and it was all action. And then I checked out Indiegames and it turns out someone has partially did what I had in mind. It’s called Polynomial and it is BEAUTIFUL.

This is the game I’m currently working on. It is a 3D space shooter with mathematically generated fractal scenery and models. It is easy to get started – you fly around, shoot some stuff, collect some other stuff, and dodge enemy bullets, all while admiring the trippy scenery and self-repairing by flying close to stars. However, to get really high score, you must be good at the shooting and dodging and collecting parts.