Mix post-nuclear debris landscape a la Fallout with armor design similar to the pure genius snarly-gnarly-tongue-in-cheek web comics Gone with the Blastwave, add two pinches of human memories to be devoured and voilá, you have Memory, a 7-minutes long animation by Junichi Yamamoto, as reported by Bouncing Red Ball. While you’re at it, also check Yamamoto’s other anime entitled Melody (字幕版), trippy and dreamlike, completely different from Memory, very much in the vein of Russian animation in the seventies.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world destroyed by nuclear war, it tells the story of a damaged robot found by futuristic soldiers investigating a devastated area.
The humanoid appeared to be household robot, reminiscent of Asimo, and when the soldiers booted it up, they were able to see what was left of videos recorded inside its memory as seen by the robot throughout the years.
(via bouncing red ball)