Early this week, Production Weekly tweeted about Liv Tyler being in talks to star in the Neuromancer movie, the Joseph Kahn adaptation cyberpunk afficionados have criticized so openly for enrolling Hayden Christensen as Case. The movie’s IMDB page lists noone at the moment – but if you’ve been following up on the news every now and then, you’ll be delighted to notice that the 2009 screening date has been postponed until 2011. Although there’s been no extra info added about Liv Tyler, the general consensus is that she’s going to play Molly – even though the role of 3Jane could be more fitting.

This video above is a mock-up of the intro credits of Neuromancer and it’s just how we would have wanted to see it up until the mid-nineties, I guess. The cast list is worth a peep: although it still lists Hayden Christensen as Case and makes no mention of Liv Tyler (obviously, the video’s been uploaded to YouTube on the 30th of January), the names are self-explanatory and if you check the video comments, users came up with the same conclusions: Olga Kurylenko as Molly, Paul Bettany as Riviera, David Morse as Armitage, Peter Stormare as The Finn, Steve Buscemi as Dixie Flatline, Djimon Honsou as Maelcum, Christina Ricci as 3Jane, Hiroyuki Sanada as Hideo, Ian Holm as Ashpool – and, not surprisingly, Christopher Walken as Neuromancer (or as some believe, Wintermute).