the merge is in progress

oh hai. the merge is very much in progress. i have the grid now, i know what to store on planetdamage and what extra do i need to do to get it done. it is merely time now and pressing lots of buttons. given the fact that i have managed to blown my 190g to pieces, it is hard. pondering to get another display and fix the old one to establish a bi-screen HQ. as i see lots of lots of good content, i just think i'll start uploading them here and then you'll see how the design changes with the content. when the design is ready and the new planetdamage stands, original content will flourish.

merge or kill


remember merge or kill? it's merge
coming back when it's done

tron and street fighter inspires futuristic fighter short movie turbo

The short film Turbo doesn't just capture how we imagine playing video games in 10-20 years. It's a piece that could only look this good through modern, inexpensive movie making technologies.

Shot on a Red camera for a USC graduate thesis, Turbo may look more than a little teen melodrama in this trailer (yes, someone's head actually goes through a crane game), but it's also got special effects that appear to rival any 2D-inspired fighter movie we've seen to date.. (via gizmodo)