Hardwired (for you non-Hungarians out there, that’s basically the best game portal within the .hu range with a good style and a decent reader/contributor community) just posted this French sci-fi short film Oracle, done by Sébastien Buisson (décors & props modeling, animation, rendu, dynamics), Michaël Desnoyelles (UV, skinning, textures, compositing), Tristan Le Granché (scénario, animation, rigging, lightning, rendu, fur), Flavien Lens (character modeling, animation, compositing, clip design) and Mylcis (compositeur).

According to some Oracle promo here, nowadays any couple can learn the sex of their baby before it’s born. This strange and fascinating French science fiction animations takes this idea many steps further and imagines a device, Oracle, that can predict just what your child will be when they grow up. The moral grey area at the heart of this cool “what-if” premise is that this Oracle works only after the baby is born. (…) While taking its lead from Japanese Manga comics and video game aesthetics, daddy’s little girl looks like she’s going to become quite a little hellcat as she is predicted to become something of a dark messiah.

Although this all sounds intriguing, there are no stream sources for this movie, only download links – checking the previous link would lead you to a copyright infringe and takedown notice initiated by Talantis Films. But then again – no streaming but perfectly working download links?

UPDATE 1: Oh yes. There is a streaming version. Bad Coffee makes me aggravated.