After playing a few hours with Gears of War II, the whole underlying engine and graphical work ROARS for Warhammer 40K – you could mix a pretty-well designed shooter/action with tactical and RPG elements, even some MMO elements via Live. You could do solo runs (or AI-based supporters, hirelings, whatever) when you feel like doing some smaller jobs for the Emperor and team up with friends and do a huge sweep on an Orc camp. Takes a lot of effort, takes a lot of time and it could be wonderful. Space Marine is just a forerunner of that and a techdemo – and if you’re a Warhammer 40K devout fan and you’re about modeling this world as real as it gets – it’s going to be appalling for you, unreal, as marines aren’t exactly awe-inspiring, bullets are not threats to avoid and the skies are not filled with the spawns of Chaos. Still, makes you hope. (And I’m so waiting for the 40K MMO.)