Even though I’m not updating planetdamage and thedosemag as much as I should (and that updating work’s in the pipeline as well), don’t think I’m not pushing my eyeballs in the vast and intricate depths of the neon wildfire geometrics. The Twitterfeed is quite frequently updated – that’s probably because of the 140 character limit and how fast you can rant your mind out from, well, anywhere. (Not the underground stations. That’s where you’d really have the ample time to write whatever you want.) Anyway, Twitter’s on the up-and-even-more-up-and-coming wagon and any visual experiments connected to it are love material. Here’s one, previously reported on grinding, referring back to blogschmog:

A Twitter visualization project using javascript and web browsers is inspired by particle colliders to reveal the hidden connection between tweets.

Social Collider (description at blogschmog, check out other chrome experiments)