Ah, hello. That’s just a brief summary on the few months I spent in front of last.fm: top artists and top tracks during this year (which is more like the past few months). Even if this is pretty much not exact, it tells you a few things about what was hot in the HQ. Will have another post on the albums I thought were decent. And most of them are not near this list.

Boom Boom Satellites | Attrition | The Verve | Hadouken! | Mentallo and the Fixer | Modwheelmood | Pete Namlook and Mixmaster Morris | Puscifer | The Birthday Massacre | Strawberry Switchblade | Forma Tadre | Zeromancer | Headscan | The Presets | Haujobb


The Verve – Love is Noise (radio edit)
Puscifer – Queen B (Narcovice radio edit) >>youtube
Pretentious, Moi? – Now and Again (v2) >>myspace
Brian Eno – Music for Airports, I. >>imeem
Lily Allen – Everything’s Just Wonderful >>youtube
Alizée – Moi Lolita (Sasha LSD remix) >>imeem
Forma Tadre – Lo Rez Skyline
Miyavi – Hi No Hikari Sae Todokanai Kono Basho De >>youtube
Pete Namlook and Mixmaster Morris – School of Fish
Ayumi Hamasaki – We Wish (Ramon Zenker remix) >>youtube
The Birthday Massacre – Shiver >>youtube
Michele Adamson ft. Last Men Standing – Mojo Gogo >>imeem
Edge of Dawn – Black Heart (alpha) >>imeem
Angelspit – Skinny Little Bitch >>youtube
Modwheelmood – MHz >>myspace