Max Headroom is intense, harsh and somewhat obscure – the first almost British cyberpunk TV series that ever surfaced (and one that had a pretty huge impact on the European hoodies-and-mirrorshades subculture) apparently still doesn’t deserve a decent DVD release. (I previously said Max Headroom’s a British series and I’m almost right about that, the original movie, 20 Minutes into the Future the US series was based upon was actually coming out of Britain’s trippy mind.) Last week I had this article on finding full-length feature movies and TV series on videosharing sites and that’s the first droplet of many (actually, if we consider good SF and cyberpunk, not that many) – Google Video has the first US (sort of pilot) episode of Max Headroom. If you’re not living in the technically and accesswise pretty much buttfucked .hu area, Joost also has the Blipverts episode. Eat funky trivia on