Dose 2 of the weekly best office psy tracks comes from two separate streams – the latter one comes from last week’s Philosomatika stream (this one has the album names as well), while the former’s from Digitally Imported (without any info on the albums). The visu environment was still a bunch of Milkdrop agents: Aderrasi’s Airhandler (Last Breath – Calm), Eo.S.’ starburst 01, fiShbRaiN’s the machine that conquered the world (domination remix), Flexi + Geiss’ Bipolar vs. reaction diffusion, ORB’s Fire and Fumes 2, Rovastar’s Tripmaker (Space Trip mix) and Vovan + Geiss’ Bass With Flower (Feedback mix). (Pics come from

Alien Project – Desert Incident (Ultra Voice Remix)
Benza – Square Pyramid
Altoem – Groove Control
Blowfish – Liquid Eyes
Dimitry Zara vs Synthogen – Escom
Deviant Electronics – Viral Spiral

Mindsphere – Painful Stories
Gene Joke – Aphrodite
Central Processing Unit – Crapule Continuum
Electric Universe – Equilibrio

Lotus Omega – Almagortion
Earthling – The Catalyst
AMD – Slightly Turbo  

[digitally imported]

Brainiac – System Overdrive (VA – E-Dentificatons v1)
Space Buddha – Legendary Lighting (No Shields)
Ovnimoon – Open the Third Eye (VA – Psydance)
VirtualLight – Dear Human (Goa Psy Dance mix) (VA – Goa Trance Missions Vol 1)
Principles Of Flight – Inferno (VA – Ministry of Chaos)
Bio Genesis – Hemisphere (VA – The Dark Side of the Groove)
Xenzodiak – Sargent Groove Supra (VA – Try Before Buy)
Digicult – Star Travel (Out of This World)
Zen Mechanics – Industry Of Love (Holy Cities)
Ephedrix – Frontiers (Far Away)
Painkiller vs Bliss – Show Time (VA – Trance Red Zone – Secret Runner)
M-Theory – Why Here (VA – Echo)
Metaphase – Oksygen (VA – Ticket To Goa Vol. 5)
Space Vision Vs Sensitive – Game Over (VA – Bad Company)
Headroom – I Don˙t Tech No for an Answer (VA – Map of Goa Vol 4)
Gora Chandra – Rabu (VA – Little Worlds)