1, Industrial angst. Truecolor anger. A one-note bushido of blind leet rage.
2, Hong-kong retro, 0615, neon ad chopsticks. Steel rice bowls.
3, Go multimedia. Go for the atmosphere. Go film.
4, Gib mir mein destillat.
5, What do TGV and Tao have in common? Hi-pressure orgasm, that’s what. 
6, We glide in the vast k-rad nonspace like swans on liquid concrete.
7, Budapest panorama clusterfuck. Ever seen this before?
8, Military chopper, rotorblade polka, chemical halo fandango.
9, Skyhigh on adrenaline.
10, Eat junk. Be franchise. Sell your soul. Do us this favour.
11,  A toilet full of Sterling. What a site. Out of mind.
12, That which does not kill us only makes us stronger.
13, Make accidents happen. Cyborgization should not be undervalued.
14, No compromise – no remorse. Radical preaching.
15, The sky above the port was the color of television tuned to a dead channel.
16,  New world order deceit shows. Eat them, feed them, devour them.
17, Slavery is happiness. Happiness is ignorance. Ignorance is slavery.
18, Man-machine interface for president. Why vote for lesser evil?
19, My girlfriend’s a #00FFFF Lyapunov set. Say tentacle sex for life. 
20, Feed us manic street pixelz. Especially the neon glow ones.
21, We’re the smartest thing in a woman’s mouth after Einstein’s cock.
22,  Our daily routine, coffee embolia.
23, Implant the bioelectrodes into the funeral nation. 
24,  Stalking the retro nightmare we do the speed freak blues.
25, Suicide 20180 times. In a fortnight. That’s breathing.
26, Excuse me. But. I’m kind of dying.
27, Religions must involve spanking and Coca-Cola. 
28, Mindless destruction is okay if it’s for kung-fu training.


If any of these one-liners ring a bell, you’re either a fan of Das Ich (4), Nietzsche (12, but being a Nietzsche fan is not something we’d love to digress upon and it’s 1PM, anyways been quite hard after the lobotomy and I’m off the hook with half a day), William Gibson (15), Killing Miranda (23 & 24) or for all the rest – you’ve been hanging out with the LD50 crew during the early days. Up until 2004-2005, ’cause that was when we finally revamped the design and buttfucked the whole randomtext header concept. Dug through the LD50 FTP, decided this was some good material to post with all the other memory-heavy anchors that stay hidden in a folder until I either make longish blogposts out of them to induce sad-sad nostalgy.

Or I write a book on it. Which is pretty obvious, come to think of it.  (The pic, that’s Jaime Winstone on a promo shot of BBC’s cheesy kungfu weirdness Phoo Action that’s just been cancelled. But she’s gonna remind you, all you long-time ldfiftyers, of the girl in our old logo. That’s just for the memory, the keepsake, the shared grins. And grab some PA screenshots here.)