Bahnhof, one of Sweden’s largest ISPs publicized a few facts on their high-style high-endurance military-bunker-cum-wonder-data-center. 30 meters below Stockholm City, the Pionen White Mountains center houses the Network Operations Center for the company and is designed to withstand a nearby hydrogen bomb hit (which, you know, obviously brings out the devil in me: 1, why use an H-bomb on Sweden instead of just amping up Surströmming? 2, why nuke out an ISP indirectly?). 

For the tech guys: two Maybach MTU diesel engines support the backup power – originally these monstrosities were used in German submarines, so the designer guys just took out the sound horns and added those as well. For the design-hearted: the center has simulated daylight, greenhouses, waterfall and a giant (2600 liter) salt water fish tank. (via royal pingdom