Limp Ninja’s been someone I’ve been keeping an eye out for since their XBOX demo Bi-Won: they’re (according to a wiki I dug up from a Google cache) an international tongue-in-cheek demo group, notorious for releasing materials of surprisingly various degrees of quality – although you’ll get three that are on the safe side in terms of awesomeness: all of them abstract and perfect handjob material for techno/electro freaks.

According to that wiki, they’ve been nominated for the Awards for “Breakthrough Performance” in 2004 and “Most Original Concept” in 2005. Their releases are purely experimental and part of the concept that that any member can start a project.  The group is international and they put a very strong emphasis on respective cultural elements: a decent potion of their releases contains Korean influences, a few of them Latin American input.  (Above: miChera, ranked 2nd at evoke 2004 altenative demo compo. Below: ?, ranked 1st at outline 2007 combined demo/intro compo.)

And if you’ve ever been in love with Asian-influenced X-Mix style party visuals, here’s your daily love, Bi-Won, berlin warehouse stomper minimal in the vein of Ken Ishii.