platige teases 'teaching infinity'

Teaching Infinity (Lekcja nieskończoności) trailer from Quiet Earth on Vimeo.

Polish CG arthouse Platige is back with a teaser for their new project TEACHING INFINITY, directed by Jakub Jabłoński and Bartłomiej Kik. We'll be back more info on Platige as they're quite a massive player to deal with - if you remember THE CATHEDRAL (that's their first CG short that made them real famous in the googler crowd, I guess) in 2002 - that's a SIGGRAPH main prize and an Oscar-nomination there. As for the new trailer, that looks like some wicked Escheresque android development myth with a distinct Platige touch. (via

void manufacturing interviews gibson

"The limitation to what you can find on Youtube is basically your own imagination. When I think of something, if I don’t automatically think of searching for it on Youtube, I will never see it. When something comes to mind, I try to train myself to google it and then look on Youtube, often with the most amazing results. I think, in the end, if we just kind of run this technology out to its logical conclusion, we will end up with something like a single retina that covers the entire inner surface of a sphere, looking at itself, being quite self-sufficient, and made completely of Youtube videos."

There's a new Gibson interview out on Void Manufacturing by Ulrich Gutmair, focusing on YouTube, AR, marketing, American politics, voodoo and many others. Great stuff, gz!

xbox 360 beats ps3. post is all about japanese girls.


Kotaku writes about how Xbox 360 beat PS3 in September in Japan. The tech background: when you follow up feeds in your reader, big images are always ranked first in the attention priority. So there. (link)

interactive bar

Hurry Up Please: It's Time - Interactive Installation from vjdrmo on Vimeo.

Storming off for a rewarding Tom Yum Khai experience with a friend, so I'm brief on this one: interactive bar surface by Alex Haw, as aptly summarized by the more activity a person generates on the bar, the more images are created, along with an increase in movement. (link)

the glorious planetdamage hvg promo campaign

And it starts like this. 
HVG (Weekly World Economics) Háló IT add-in publication, thanks to my colleagues who were probably very, very bent on emphasizing the fact that I'm desparately crying for help in Japanese. Anyways, sidegrin. 

weirding wednesday: the lego bdsm scene

Ectoplasmosis always has the weirdiest, tentacly links for your daily pleasure to freak out your fellow workers and friends. This time, a new LEGO scene. (And, by the way, merry October for you, pussies.)