IO9 talked to Hollywood producer David Friendly (Soul Men, Little Miss Sunshine, Laws of Attraction) who says he’d be interested in taking comics to the movie screen, specifically, Desolation Jones by none other than Warren Ellis. 

According to the article, Desolation Jones is about a former agent of MI6 who undergoes the Desolation Treatment, which entails a year without sleep. He survives and becomes an all white and gray-colored man who kills without remorse. After the project ends, he lives in LA as a private eye who hallucinates all sorts of wacky stuff and works for the people of LA, which turns out to be chock full of imprisoned ex-agents – slightly misleading at a few points, missing out a year of medical torture, psychological disorders, PTSD, an underground and secretive community of LA spooks that cannot leave the city. With some exceptions, of course. 

Warren sez the following: “All I can tell you is that we’ve never heard from David Friendly.” (via io9)