Procedurality matters a lot these days, started to mean a lot some decades ago in the demoscene and makes some comebacks – sometimes cartoonishly (as in Spore), Introversion plans to use it in their new game and we have a very awesome impressionistic game by Eskil Steenberg that’s painfully hard to find. Because it’s called Love. (And I link it, because I like you all. And I also need more clicks.)

The world is worth changing, so get on with it. Take your mates and make your planet whatever you want it to be. Some of it is yours, and some is your friends. Some just happens by itself. Sometimes it disappears and makes you sad. But then again, you know that kind of thing can’t last. It’s a balancing act between love and loneliness, is what Eskil sez about his game. If you want more, feel free to check out all the stuff rockpapershotgun has on him (February article, April interview) – basically it’s an exploration-based moderately-multiplayer FPS with astounding impressionistic visuals and a procedurally generated universe. And it’s just got an in-game pre-alpha tech footage out. (via rockpapershotgun)