Being a child was immensely fun, building post-apocalyptic landscapes out of chunks of lego blocks you could instanly kill a weightlifter or alternatively, a bull, with, but the most creative thing (apart from a very bad hair crashlanding day in NYC) I ever came up with was a tidy little moon base in the corner of the room. Antennas, chemlabs and all that shit, very Parisien, but not really creative.

So all these weird-ass lego creations on Playlandstation (really selected from the lego orgasm galore of Brickshelf) just give me the love bumps and I will so buy everything to build an Alien soldier (by the Arvo brothers), shiny black, oh my god. (My friends have recently made potentially lethal efforts to move me away from a shelf of Technics. Rovers, mecha and everything that we could build REAL mechas from. Beware!)