If you’ve been checking up on the Neuromancer movie news, you’ll probably be aware that Case has been renamed to Cage in the official press material, the teaser poster looks like a Bauhaus/steampunk wet dream on mescaline and a tint of artstyness and Hayden Christensen is not listed on the movie’s IMDB page at the moment.

You might not know, though, that there’s a longer and quite creative thread about Neuromancer on Coilhouse (who have actually released their first print version that doesn’t get into wide circulation so order them like fuck, I’ve already done so) and there you have a YouTube embed of Kahn’s version of the George Michael track Freeek and it looks very slick to be cyberpunkish, if anything. If Kahn can keep a steady hand on the visuals, Neuromancer’s going to be a decent slap on the face. (via coilhouse)

I’ll ask the same question here, though: tell me about your ideas, who’d you cast as the main characters?