The guys at QuietEarth do a decent reading up on Gibson’s blog (which I admit not reading, partly because of the emptiness that Spook Country left in me) and the entry on the 1st of August finally drives the point home: it’s not Gibson who’s working on the movie script for the Neuromancer film project.

I see that I was too gnomic, yesterday, as some people now assume that I, like Warren Ellis, am holed up doing things related to screenwriting. Some even assume I’m doing something related to the mysterious Neuromancer film project, but in fact neither is true. I’m actually holed up (or anyway “distracted”) in the early stages of a next novel, and the recent web-advent of that interestingly monochrome one-sheet for the putative production was the first I’d seen of it. Suffice it to say that I am not much in the loop on that one. But then again I am somewhat the opposite of Alan Moore, in that I regard screen adaptations of my work with little more than simple childlike curiosity. (via quietearth)