Read this document on Scribd: THE DOSE, issue 1

If you were really into MySpace and how industrial/cyberpunk bands started making friends on community sites some two years ago, THE DOSE might ring a bell. It was a free PDF magazine (that I designed to be print-ready just in case I got the possibility to make it into a commercial venture that I failed miserably, but anyways) focusing on a single city in every issue, showing all the interesting music, bands, DJs, pieces of art that we thought would be fascinating for you. I learned how to do proper DTP and layout with the mag. I also came to know excellent people and musicians, made the magazine count at a few places. I made three issues (Budapest, Tokyo, London, consecutively) and then I became a full-time journalist and decided I didn’t have the time to continue this project anymore, because, let’s face it, the majority of the work was done by me. (This is how I get good results. But I digress.)

So now I declare extended hiatus and also upload the previous issues to Scribd. Share the love, download the mag, contact the bands and also drop me an email to planetdamage at gmail if you think this idea is good enough to monetize. Or tell me you love the mag and break my fucking heart in two.The Dose website is in a state of death and dismay, by the way.