The reason why I really-really loved Robocop? I’ll honestly tell you, it was the ED-209 and whatever bad-ass robo machismo the show had, it was really the stop-motion mecha scenes and not Murphy at all. (And I bet half of you really feel the same. Yes? No? Comment!) So it comes as a heart-warming surprise, seeing MORAV, and the more you read off the website and the more you follow the links, the more intriguing the whole show becomes.

Morav is basically a military drama with mecha/sci-fi overtones, gritty realism in a Middle Easternish region with the mecha work all done in stop-motion, not CG. Fon Davis, the series creator sez we have enough chronology to do webisodes, comic books, a television series and motion pictures without touching the same story twice. We have always remained flexible since we do not yet know what production opportunities will arise first. (And if you check Fon Davis on IMDB, you’ll be instantly impressed seeing him having worked on all six Star Wars movies, Matrix 2-3 and so forth.) Not much material on YouTube yet, but hang on, this looks promising. (Robots moved with telemetry suits, oh my god, yes.) (via